The DredgeLand Episode iv A New Rope and or Potato Spud and Census Spectacular


Welcome to this week’s DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular where John kicks off the show with a special welcome.

We then continue the show with a series of letters and / or cash this week which has enabled Andy to buy up a copy of the Hove Census to learn more about our potential local fans.

In other news and / or information, we’re further developing our brand new regional detective action, adventure series The Store Detectives. Tune in for peril and suspense!

We’ve also got a detailed shopping list plus a traffic and travel update and additional information on a local lawn bowls player PLUS an advert from our new cash sponsor, Potato Spuds.

The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular 95th Episode Celebration and or Superstore Extra Plus Special

This week we celebrate the 95th episode of the DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular in fantastic style and / or substance.

Join us as we read this weeks first letter, scribed by a man named Tone. John does his best to translate for all.

Also on this weeks agenda John and Andy discuss Andy’s brand new concept superstore. He’s been filling the 95 Leagues above the living quarters with many sundry items and a vast number of coffee shops. His previous effort failed, but he’d rather we not mention that.

John and Andy discuss the best way to fill each level and / or league as well as practicing Andy’s interview technique.

In other news, one of our podcasts received 0 listens in the past week. Were you to blame? Find out by listening to the all new 95th edition of #DredgeLandLIVE!

The DredgeLand Meet and or Greet plus a Portal to the Past Spectacular

Ahoy DredgeLanders! (This is collective term for people that listen to DredgeLand).

Join us for a rambling nonsensical conversation which meanders around many subjects including:

  • John’s taken up a new job meeting and / or greeting at the Hove Museum, Hove.
  • Andy has started to write a novel
  • A portal to the past has been discovered in the all new Mirror Room
  • John has become taller, soon to be reduced
  • A new favourite word from the dictionary is mentioned
  • An advert is read aloud

So there you go, value for money or what? (It’s a free podcast).


The DredgeLand Podcast A Concert for Beryl and or Hope Spectacular Special

It’s Week 17 (probably) and 100 leagues beneath the Hove Plinth, we meet your mad twosome for another 30 minute round up of all things DredgeLand.

This week we hear about John’s great idea: A concert for Beryl and / or Hope. Which in essence is a musical and light entertainment spectacular with a range of human and / or animal acts with over 40 musicians appearing. Andy has questions and will demand answers to John’s five point plan.

The Mayor of Hove has written in, in full endorsement of the show which is excellent. Listen in for more information.

Also, look out for a number of time checks this week and there’s the first instalment of a brand new feature…John’s Recipe!

We must stress, only one animal was slightly toasted in this weeks show.


The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio Superman Spectacular LIVE! (23rd August 2018)

After a week off on the road – Camden Fringe was really great by the way.. We’re back!

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The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio Loose Change Spectacular LIVE! (9th August 2018)

DredgeLanders Ahoy!

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The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular 3. LIVE on HoveFM

It’s an all-new all-weird edition of Dredgeland Live coming to you directly not from Hove and recorded in front of a partly drugged audience.

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DredgeLand’s Big Day Out: Hocus Pocus Park

Dearest DredgeLanders!

This grain-filled podcast takes place in Hocus Pocus Park, North-West Dulwich. Originally built in the mid-nineties before being taken down for safety reasons, it was rebuilt last Thursday and re-opened last week.

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