About DredgeLand

Join insane comedic human beings John Dredge and Andy Harland as they take a bizarre verbal stroll through the canyons of their own minds. There will be scintillating subjects galore, as well as many other things which have yet to be undecided.

Conversation will flow freely in a disorderly fashion, so why not grab a cup of biscuits and an artichoke, sit back, and listen to the nonsensical ramblings of this pesky duo of duos. Slightly skewed and super-strange, John and Andy will keep you confused for a half hour at a time – that’s the DredgeLand promise. Or is it?

And if you contact us @DredgeLand with your ridiculous tweets and sayings, a green inflatable trilby hat could be yours. Get on the DredgeLand Express today, and may your banjos never become detuned. Ker-pow!

John Dredge

John Dredge lives in the middle of the road near Hove Aquarium. Although slightly pensive, it was all he could afford. Not only does John own three tonne of silt, he is also the proud owner of an appropriate amount of shelving and has the means to peer into the nearby fishtanks on a daily basis.

John has exhumed nearly four local celebrities in and or around the Hove area for his growing collection. He recently made the national news when he appeared on Channel 125+1 as a fraudulent greengrocer. He remains top of the charts in both Dundee and Catford.

Andy Harland

Andy Harland owns two small cakes. One of which (a battenburg) has been partially eaten at the time of writing. Andy has his own crumb collection (at the time of writing) and enjoys writing (at the time of writing).

Andy is well known for the catchphrase, “you can’t prove I was there.” His futile attempts to reach Brighton on a daily basis has recently resulted in uproar amongst the upper classes who shunned him and have attempted to render him obsolete. He has not yet recovered from a case of the swollen ankle and remains at large.