The DredgeLand odcast Sectacular Missing P Secial

Welcome to this weeks show! It’s a very secial occasion as you’ve two intro’s to begin with. Also, we’re broadcasting in Technicolour.

John’s been thinking about aintaing and / or decorating this week, which is excellent as Andy has been ainting the bunker as well as also decorating.

Your bunker based due also discuss the wide variety of colours in this weeks colour charts and land upon a brand new series, The Store Detectives.

In other news Andy is aghast as John has taken all of the P’s from this eisode. Very disaointing indeed as Andy needs to imliment several recautions.


The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular 95th Episode Celebration and or Superstore Extra Plus Special

This week we celebrate the 95th episode of the DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular in fantastic style and / or substance.

Join us as we read this weeks first letter, scribed by a man named Tone. John does his best to translate for all.

Also on this weeks agenda John and Andy discuss Andy’s brand new concept superstore. He’s been filling the 95 Leagues above the living quarters with many sundry items and a vast number of coffee shops. His previous effort failed, but he’d rather we not mention that.

John and Andy discuss the best way to fill each level and / or league as well as practicing Andy’s interview technique.

In other news, one of our podcasts received 0 listens in the past week. Were you to blame? Find out by listening to the all new 95th edition of #DredgeLandLIVE!

The DredgeLand Meet and or Greet plus a Portal to the Past Spectacular

Ahoy DredgeLanders! (This is collective term for people that listen to DredgeLand).

Join us for a rambling nonsensical conversation which meanders around many subjects including:

  • John’s taken up a new job meeting and / or greeting at the Hove Museum, Hove.
  • Andy has started to write a novel
  • A portal to the past has been discovered in the all new Mirror Room
  • John has become taller, soon to be reduced
  • A new favourite word from the dictionary is mentioned
  • An advert is read aloud

So there you go, value for money or what? (It’s a free podcast).


The DredgeLand Farmland at Sea plus Musical Questions and a Clay Effigy Spectacular

Andy has been knocking on John’s door at 3am and John has taken offence at this issue. All Andy wanted was to ask this weeks Musical Question.

Also within this myriad of mercurial madness we feature another edition of ‘Where’s that Pencil?’ Will you spot it? Do please get in touch.

Also covered in some detail in this week’s podcast is the idea of Farmland at sea and John introduces his all new Map making service.

We wrap up the show with some craft related conversation and there’s nearly an ending to look forward to.

The DredgeLand Podcast Bottle Bank Withdrawal and How to Resolve a Griffin in a Garage Special

Heath and / or Safety is paramount to people, spaces and most other things. This is why we’ve an important health and safety announcement at the beginning of this week’s show.

If you’d like to advertise your business or message with DredgeLand, please do get in touch:

Also occurring in this peculiar collection of thirty to forty minutes:

  • We contact 3x local societies
  • Questions are asked
  • Andy has withdrawn the DredgeLand life savings from the Bottle Bank
  • A Letter has been received
  • Andy leaves the bunker
  • We’re now officially 98 leagues beneath the Hove Plinth, Hove Seafront, Hove

Plus much more that no doubt the curator of this episode description has forgotten to mention, such Andy’s guide on how to get a Griffin out of a Garage.

The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular Hove Chamber of Commerce and or Build you own Bike Special

Chairs, Boards, Sandwiches and / or meetings.

All of these are on the agenda this week in the DredgeLand Bunker, 100 leagues Beneath (or below) the Hove Plinth, Hove seafront, Hove.

Join your dynamic, mercurial duo this week as Andy discusses his recent meeting with the Hove Chamber of Commerce, Wednesday prior.

John was absent and / or not present and makes conversational suggestions of other subjects including his favourite sauces and the contents of this weeks Post Bag.

Andy’s been busy building a bicycle and a bicycle hut and John has some serious questions and wants Andy to explain why his magazine room is taking up so much space.

Finally, John makes the brave decision to burrow up 2 leagues to a full 98 leagues beneath the Hove Plinth. Will they manage it? Will Andy do all the leg work? Will you listen again next week?

Find out next week.



The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular Abbreviation Special (TDLPSAS) Spectacular (S)

Hello! Hi! Welcome and / or Good Afternoon and / or Night.

DredgeLand return, 100 leagues beneath the Hove Plinth, Hove Seafront, Hove and present another broadcast for your very ears and / or.

Join John and Andy this week as they abbreviate many a phrase and / or well known saying. John opens up this weeks Postbag (P) and discusses his expert knowledge of residue removal (EKORR).

We’re also selling advertising space on the show. Therefore if you want to reach an audience of Hove and abroad and / or further afield, then get in touch and we can discuss our reasonable rates.

We also learn about Andy’s discovery of a very special chalk drawing deep down within the Bunker, how very exciting and / or relevant.

The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular (DLPS) ends this week with a very exclusive special bonus for our Patrion People (PP).


The DredgeLand Podcast A Concert for Beryl and or Hope Spectacular Special

It’s Week 17 (probably) and 100 leagues beneath the Hove Plinth, we meet your mad twosome for another 30 minute round up of all things DredgeLand.

This week we hear about John’s great idea: A concert for Beryl and / or Hope. Which in essence is a musical and light entertainment spectacular with a range of human and / or animal acts with over 40 musicians appearing. Andy has questions and will demand answers to John’s five point plan.

The Mayor of Hove has written in, in full endorsement of the show which is excellent. Listen in for more information.

Also, look out for a number of time checks this week and there’s the first instalment of a brand new feature…John’s Recipe!

We must stress, only one animal was slightly toasted in this weeks show.


The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular Thanks to the Mass Bands of the Royal Highland Artillery Special

DredgeLand returns! No, that’s not a film title (although we are talking to lawyers about the rights).. DredgeLand are basically just back for another week of Bunker based bonkers podcasting and / or.

Join your loopy duo this week, 100 leagues beneath the #HovePlinth as they discuss the contents of a number of mail items recently received but not yet opened.

John and Andy also have a number of apologies to make and do so on this very podcast. Also, look out for a brand new section of pure silence.

Lastly and least we’ve a special thank you to the Mass Bands of the Royal Artillery. Thank you.


The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular: A Special Letter From Tiernan Special

Hi all!

Firstly, thanks to Johnson & Johnson for advertising their brand new get cash rich book with us exclusively on this show and / or.

In this week’s DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular, we join John and Andy back in their bunker 100 leagues beneath the Hove Plinth to learn about the many things their selling off.

Will you be the lucky one to bid high on some cutlery? Perhaps you’re more into games? Well, we’ve got a special edition of the DredgeLand board game that you might enjoy.

Thanks to Tiernan for the letter REF: AZUK206-6030441-2313929

All of this, plus an update from everyone’s very own favourite Gyles Brandreth.