The DredgeLand Riverside Radio Wandsworth Theatre Wandsworth Wandsworth Spectacular (29th August 2019)

Deep in the heart of Wandsworth Town (Just past the stationary shop) is the Wandsworth Theatre Wandsworth, Wandsworth.

Join DredgeLand as they present a live show broadcast from said theatre in Wandsworth, Wandsworth. Throughout this interactive and / or show, meet a variety of members of the operational staffing team that help to run this great and formidable establishment.

All of this plus the hotly anticipated latest news on Mike Post (not dead) & listen in to the latest episode oh the second series of Howard’s Way the Radio Drama.

Don’t forget, the brand new EP – The Plinthsmania EP is available now from

*All rights to this show belong to Riverside Radio 2019. Music played is PRS and all rights belong to the rightful artist.

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