The DredgeLand Sci-Fi Podcast Spectacular

Have you ever wanted to know anything and everything about Science-Fiction?

So have we.

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The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular – Live

Welcome to the DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular, live in front a studio audience of at least seven people.

Recorded at the Southampton SuperPod Comic Relief event our mad trio John and Andy brought the live studio on tour to a small hotel room near a boat.

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DredgeLand’s Big Day Out: Hocus Pocus Park

Dearest DredgeLanders!

This grain-filled podcast takes place in Hocus Pocus Park, North-West Dulwich. Originally built in the mid-nineties before being taken down for safety reasons, it was rebuilt last Thursday and re-opened last week.

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DredgeLand: HoveFM Spectacular

Join our loonsome twosome for another edition of the #DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular.

In this week’s edition, our mailbox is full – over 78,000 of you have written in – including this weeks Sad Letter.

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DredgeLand: #Science


The unknown. The Known knowns. What do you know?

In this DredgeLand Science special, science is on the agenda.. but more importantly is the Earth banana shaped?

There’s only one way to find out.

FeaturingT @Carpet_Martin on @WandsworthRadio.

The DredgeLand 123321 Quiz Show Spectacular

Welcome dearest Listeners.

Andy recently spent 35 minutes writing and preparing a unique format for a gameshow and then the contestant came along and ruined it.. but who could that be?

Enjoy DredgeLand presents – 123321 (Not 321).

Featuring @Carpet_Martin alongside Andy as your quiz hosts.

DredgeLand Interview Spectacular Volume 2: Robin Ince

This week, Andy and John interview one of the UK’s most intelligent and respected comedians – Robin Ince!

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DredgeLand Interview Spectacular Volume 1: Iain Lee

This week, Andy and John interview one of the best broadcasters in the country – Iain Lee!

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DredgeLand Podcast Episode 2

This week our trusty duo try help a listener in their quest for a lost thing. Plus problems with footwear, not-at-all-exclusive information on War of the Worlds, and a rather unusual setting. Or is it?

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