STATEMENT: #DredgeLand hit out at ‘Audio Interpreflication’ on podcasts.

Stars of the DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular have urged everyone to turn off a default setting on their podcast (Podcast) players to improve the experience of listening to podcasts at home and or away.

John and Andy said a setting known as “Audio Interprelification” ruins podcasts because it makes them “sound like they were shot on high-speed audio rather than normal bog standard audio”.

Audio interprelification, also known as the “sound roundening”, involves adding artificial noise into podcasts to remove the motion blur of fast-moving audio.  It’s most useful when listening to sport.

But for blockbuster podcasts like The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular, the effect can make podcasts appear brighter and sharper than the amateur producer intended, giving them a hyper-realistic effect.

The case continues.