The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular Abbreviation Special (TDLPSAS) Spectacular (S)

Hello! Hi! Welcome and / or Good Afternoon and / or Night.

DredgeLand return, 100 leagues beneath the Hove Plinth, Hove Seafront, Hove and present another broadcast for your very ears and / or.

Join John and Andy this week as they abbreviate many a phrase and / or well known saying. John opens up this weeks Postbag (P) and discusses his expert knowledge of residue removal (EKORR).

We’re also selling advertising space on the show. Therefore if you want to reach an audience of Hove and abroad and / or further afield, then get in touch and we can discuss our reasonable rates.

We also learn about Andy’s discovery of a very special chalk drawing deep down within the Bunker, how very exciting and / or relevant.

The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular (DLPS) ends this week with a very exclusive special bonus for our Patrion People (PP).