The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular Hove Chamber of Commerce and or Build you own Bike Special

Chairs, Boards, Sandwiches and / or meetings.

All of these are on the agenda this week in the DredgeLand Bunker, 100 leagues Beneath (or below) the Hove Plinth, Hove seafront, Hove.

Join your dynamic, mercurial duo this week as Andy discusses his recent meeting with the Hove Chamber of Commerce, Wednesday prior.

John was absent and / or not present and makes conversational suggestions of other subjects including his favourite sauces and the contents of this weeks Post Bag.

Andy’s been busy building a bicycle and a bicycle hut and John has some serious questions and wants Andy to explain why his magazine room is taking up so much space.

Finally, John makes the brave decision to burrow up 2 leagues to a full 98 leagues beneath the Hove Plinth. Will they manage it? Will Andy do all the leg work? Will you listen again next week?

Find out next week.