The DredgeLand Back to Front Podcast Spectacular!

Goodbye! Thanks for listening to this weeks show where John and Andy have presented 35 minutes and / or of their brand of podcast peculiarity for your entertainment.

As we head to the middle fo the show this week, gasp in awe at the letters we’ve received, clap with joyous applause at the ALL NEW Radio Drama series #Shrubbery and join us for the beginning of the show.


The DredgeLand Cats on Strike Spectacular

We’ve had a letter from Mrs Hwwwhimble from Hwwwwimbledon Common SW19

How do you start a podcast? That’s her question and / or enquiry this week. Listen in as John takes some offence to her and her requisition. (?)

However, the most relevant and of course / or content in this weeks programme is the conclusion and / or answer to a young listeners enquiry regarding the content of last week’s show which remained unanswered.

Until now. Yes now. Now we answer those questions and conclude the first ever two part DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular. It isn’t live. it is merely recorded.

There’s also a cat on strike, his name is Steve. Steve Cat.

Only two mentions of Julia Bradbury this week.



STATEMENT: #DredgeLand hit out at ‘Audio Interpreflication’ on podcasts.

Stars of the DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular have urged everyone to turn off a default setting on their podcast (Podcast) players to improve the experience of listening to podcasts at home and or away. Continue reading “STATEMENT: #DredgeLand hit out at ‘Audio Interpreflication’ on podcasts.”

The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio Podcast #DredgeLandLIVE Special (3rd May 2018)

DredgeLanders unite!

Continue reading “The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio Podcast #DredgeLandLIVE Special (3rd May 2018)”

What’s on in Hove? 5/3/18

DredgeLand present.. a round up of everything coming up later this week in Hove – (5/3/18)

  • On Monday at Hove Aquarium several fish will be taking part in a performance of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. 2pm.
  • Tuesday this week sees the start of the annual Bike Ride to Nuneaton Chippy. This years destination has be changed due to an administrative error. Please be advised to wrap up warm. 2pm.
  • Wednesday at 2pm – Two by two by two. The reenactment of Noah’s Ark on Hove seafront. “Bright and breezy, the Hove Herald” – Bring a refreshment in case of drought.
  • Thursday – 14:00 – Pianos in the high street. Bring a piano. No violins permitted.
  • Friday at 02:00 – Sleep walking with David Bellamy. (“Not to be missed – HoveFM”).
  • Saturday – Cancelled due to fog
  • Sunday – The Hove rice pudding hurling competition. Starts and finishes. 2pm.