The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio Mission Difficult Special LIVE! (19th July 2018)

Your mission, should you wish to accept is to listen to the next 55 minutes 10 seconds of DredgeLand from Wandsworth Radio..

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The DredgeLand WorkPlace Special

Humans of Hove and Beyond!

We’ve had a letter in from Mr Clacton of Southampton who’s asked DredgeLand a very important question: What do you do?

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HoveFM Music Video: MC Boom Boom FT DJ Stamp

Our friends over @HoveFMRadio have launched their official world first music video / jingle.

HoveFM is Pure Hove and the third most listened to radio station in Hove. Operating 4.2 days per week, it’s Pure Hove for the Hove for those in and or around Hove.

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DredgeLand Podcast Outside Broadcast Special

This week’s podcast comes to you from Hove seafront and includes exclusive encounters with ice cream vans, buskers and trees. There’s a spirited if unsuccessful attempt at an interview, some rather unusual singing, and a look at St Bernard’s Cardboard Cathedral which is made entirely of cardboard and cardboard. The recording takes place entirely on location so please be aware of the varying quality of Hove.

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DredgeLand Podcast Episode 3

In tonight’s mock-up of a podcast, our slightly dynamic duo present plans for the strangest game show ever to be devised in Hove. Plus pianos, many catchphrases, and a brand new closing theme tune with structural problems.

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