The DredgeLand Enormous Ratings Boost Spectacular

Dearest listener, we’re back with a vengeance. We’re also back with an exclusive competition! Yes, you the Hove listener and / or resident can provide a ‘Slogan for Hove’. More details within.

Also in this week’s episode:

  • John does the intro
  • John repeats the intro
  • John and Andy discuss the intro
  • There’s an Intro

Post intro content:

  • Upbeat Emails of the Week
  • A long listener letter
  • Gordon returns
  • As does his brother
  • The show ends soon after

That’s a reasonable summary in our opinion, if you remain unsatisfied then please write in and enclose a cheque for £40.

The DredgeLand Dank Times and / or Disgruntled Listener Letters Spectacular

It’s a slow burner this week in the bunker with John F L U Dredge and Andy A W E Harland.

The Dank Times are here alongside Downbeat magazine. Things really are quite desperate and / or awful at only 30 pence an issue.

John’s got himself a stake of 0.0002% of Downbeat magazine and is rather proud of his achievements.

We’re also dipping into the post bag / fax machine and / or text phone for some valuable listener feedback including a grievance from the editor in chief of the Hove Advertiser Mr Charles LS Palpable .

Oh, do also visit the Hove Advertiser fair on the 17th.

Also, apologies for the lack of Cul De Sac based features in the podcast.

The DredgeLand Reminiscipackage and / or Return to Radio School Spectacular

DredgeLand RETURNS!

Yes, it’s another week of the globally revered comedy podcast that you (the listener) have and / or has selected to listen (thank you).

This week John Q Dredge and A J Harland ESQ have been reminiscing about communication from the recent past.

However, that’s not all and sundry because we’ve been back to radio school as per the request of the HoveFM station commissioner.

Your humousless presenters discuss their recent learning how to manage phone calls, intros, outros and managing quiz’s without killing the recipient. Plus Andy gives away his special and / or secret way to copyright correspondence and transcripts of said correspondence.

Will they return? Answer, yes.

The DredgeLand Sponsorship and or Visit Rhyl Spectacular

Hello all! You’re back again? Well it’s great to see and or be heard by you.

DredgeLand return this week in their audio podcast format, broadcast 100 leagues beneath the Hove Plinth, Hove seafront, Hove.

Andy’s been trying to gain sponsorship this week and has been in touch with at least three companies. During Andy’s endeavours, he’s written to the Rhyl tourist board, which leads to a nonsensical conversation about the number of films made in the Rhyl area.

Also occurring this week is the earliest ever occurrence of the echo, which occurs very early into the show.

We’ve also had a few letters in, one from Rhyl and another. Plus we revisit the concept TV adventure and / or action series The Store Detectives, which this week is set in Rhyl.

That’s all, folks! (until next week).


The DredgeLand Right to Reply Special and or Whats in the Hat Spectacular

The beginning of this weeks podcast begins with two very strange and special guests providing an introduction to your podcast hosts (John and Andy).

However, fear not! Our usual content shall begin shortly after a conversation about Steeeeeel and Sheffield cutlery on a Thursday.

We must also stress that we are not the Reg Land Podcast Spectacular or the DredgeLünd Podcast from Sweden.

We’ve had a number of letters in our all new section of the show: Right to Reply. In this week’s Right to Reply we’ve had up to two lists sent in after our request for lists including a very special one from Brian Fitzgerald and another slightly less special one with three items (can John guess the items?)

Finally, John tries to telepathise information into Andy’s head, but comes up with a problem relating to a lead lined hat.

The DredgeLand Riverside Radio Record Breaking Special (13th June 2019)

Records are there to be broken!

Continue reading “The DredgeLand Riverside Radio Record Breaking Special (13th June 2019)”

The DredgeLand Riverside Radio Quiz Show Game Show Game Show Game Special (9th May 2019)

People of Riverside lands and / or dry listen in..

Continue reading “The DredgeLand Riverside Radio Quiz Show Game Show Game Show Game Special (9th May 2019)”

The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio Superstore Spectacular LIVE (7th March 2019)

You’ve probably been without realising. Yes, human of Hove and / or Wandsworth and/ or beyond.. it’s Wandsworth Superstore.

Continue reading “The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio Superstore Spectacular LIVE (7th March 2019)”

The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio Mission Difficult Special LIVE! (19th July 2018)

Your mission, should you wish to accept is to listen to the next 55 minutes 10 seconds of DredgeLand from Wandsworth Radio..

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The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio Podcast LIVE (5th April 2018)

Hello future and or present #DredgeLand listeners, this week your fearless presenters (Andy Harland, Third Viscount of Hove and John Dredge of Hove) deliver 57 minutes of radio madness and music (in that order).

Wow at our brand new quiz: BlockDredgeBustersLand and Gawp at our #AskBarbaraStreisand Feature

We’ve also got music ranging from Morrissey to Abba, Jackson Browne to literally some others.

Also – learn more about the next instalment of #DredgeLandLIVE with your ears and enjoy another harrowing edition of  #ThisweeksSadLetter

Until next time remember, familiarity breeds contempt.

*All rights to this show belong to Wandsworth Radio 2018. Music played is PRS and all rights belong to the rightful artist.