The DredgeLand Podcast A Concert for Beryl and or Hope Spectacular Special

It’s Week 17 (probably) and 100 leagues beneath the Hove Plinth, we meet your mad twosome for another 30 minute round up of all things DredgeLand.

This week we hear about John’s great idea: A concert for Beryl and / or Hope. Which in essence is a musical and light entertainment spectacular with a range of human and / or animal acts with over 40 musicians appearing. Andy has questions and will demand answers to John’s five point plan.

The Mayor of Hove has written in, in full endorsement of the show which is excellent. Listen in for more information.

Also, look out for a number of time checks this week and there’s the first instalment of a brand new feature…John’s Recipe!

We must stress, only one animal was slightly toasted in this weeks show.