The DredgeLand England vs Belgium First Half Only Spectacular

This week The DredgeLand Post bag has been literally full with over one letter from a listener.

Keith Fromputney asks: “How can I brighten up a potentially monotonous football match (first half only) when neither team really want to win?”

Well Keith Fromputney; you’re in luck. Tune in to the next 54 minutes of Wandsworth Radio live football action featuring special guest Steve Cram and up to nine football based facts and figures as DredgeLand commentate on the World Cup Group Group G match between England and or Belgium (First half only due to FIFA Sanctions).

All of this and listen with amazement as John works out the full offside rule, whilst reminiscing about the future.

P.S It may be advisable to listen to this whilst watching the game on a catch up service. Or not, your choice.

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