The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio Open Mic Talent Special LIVE! (8th November 2018)

Humans of Hove, people of Cheam and Folk of Wandsworth rejoice!

It’s time for another stupendous edition of the recent cited at The Hague: #DredgeLandLIVE!

This week we’ve opened up airtime to the talent few of Wandsworth and present to the finest array of talent outside of Stoke on Trent.

Gasp at the talent, Whistle at the laughs and cry at the impressions! (You may also gawp at the very first ever radio ventriloquist live on the air).

There may not be a show next week due to reasons. But don’t forget we’ve 567 other episodes in our enormous podcast portfolio!

*All rights to this show belong to Wandsworth Radio 2018. Music played is PRS and all rights belong to the rightful artist.