The DredgeLand Sci-Fi Podcast Spectacular

Have you ever wanted to know anything and everything about Science-Fiction?

So have we.

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DredgeLand: #Science


The unknown. The Known knowns. What do you know?

In this DredgeLand Science special, science is on the agenda.. but more importantly is the Earth banana shaped?

There’s only one way to find out.

FeaturingT @Carpet_Martin on @WandsworthRadio.

The DredgeLand 123321 Quiz Show Spectacular

Welcome dearest Listeners.

Andy recently spent 35 minutes writing and preparing a unique format for a gameshow and then the contestant came along and ruined it.. but who could that be?

Enjoy DredgeLand presents – 123321 (Not 321).

Featuring @Carpet_Martin alongside Andy as your quiz hosts.