The Christmas Morning and/or Christmas Evening with DredgeLand Spectacular

Christmas is cancelled this year but despite this slight setback why not join John and Andy as they give some very special presents to some very special people – each other.

There will also be plenty of your festive if meaningless calls so phone in now on 0. Plus a whole host of star guests (other opportunities pending), and about as much Christmas cheer as it is possible to achieve in a dark underground bunker. That number again – 0 (other numbers are available).


The DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular: A Special Letter From Tiernan Special

Hi all!

Firstly, thanks to Johnson & Johnson for advertising their brand new get cash rich book with us exclusively on this show and / or.

In this week’s DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular, we join John and Andy back in their bunker 100 leagues beneath the Hove Plinth to learn about the many things their selling off.

Will you be the lucky one to bid high on some cutlery? Perhaps you’re more into games? Well, we’ve got a special edition of the DredgeLand board game that you might enjoy.

Thanks to Tiernan for the letter REF: AZUK206-6030441-2313929

All of this, plus an update from everyone’s very own favourite Gyles Brandreth.