DredgeLand: The Driving From the Station to the Post Office Spectacular

Join our heroic duo as they journey from Hove Railway Station to the DredgeLand HQ and Studio.

On the way, not only do they encounter three local people, they visit a car park (upper level) and take a fascinating trip into the local Post Office.

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DredgeLand: HoveFM Spectacular

Join our loonsome twosome for another edition of the #DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular.

In this week’s edition, our mailbox is full – over 78,000 of you have written in – including this weeks Sad Letter.

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DredgeLand: #Science


The unknown. The Known knowns. What do you know?

In this DredgeLand Science special, science is on the agenda.. but more importantly is the Earth banana shaped?

There’s only one way to find out.

FeaturingT @Carpet_Martin on @WandsworthRadio.

The DredgeLand 123321 Quiz Show Spectacular

Welcome dearest Listeners.

Andy recently spent 35 minutes writing and preparing a unique format for a gameshow and then the contestant came along and ruined it.. but who could that be?

Enjoy DredgeLand presents – 123321 (Not 321).

Featuring @Carpet_Martin alongside Andy as your quiz hosts.

DredgeLand Interview Spectacular Volume 2: Robin Ince

This week, Andy and John interview one of the UK’s most intelligent and respected comedians – Robin Ince!

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DredgeLand: Your Opinion Matters

People of Penge and other such places.

Here’s a quick bonus podcast of the unusual twosome on the wireless from Thursday the 15th of December on wonderful Wandsworth Radio Dot Com.

See you at noon.

DredgeLand Interview Spectacular Volume 1: Iain Lee

This week, Andy and John interview one of the best broadcasters in the country – Iain Lee!

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DredgeLand Penge Spectacular Special

This week our two oddly bizarre hosts take us for an incomprehensible trip around Crystal Palace Park, where they encounter things of interest. There’s also a interview with a man, and a confusing mention of dinosaurs at the end.

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DredgeLand Podcast Outside Broadcast Special

This week’s podcast comes to you from Hove seafront and includes exclusive encounters with ice cream vans, buskers and trees. There’s a spirited if unsuccessful attempt at an interview, some rather unusual singing, and a look at St Bernard’s Cardboard Cathedral which is made entirely of cardboard and cardboard. The recording takes place entirely on location so please be aware of the varying quality of Hove.

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DredgeLand Podcast Episode 3

In tonight’s mock-up of a podcast, our slightly dynamic duo present plans for the strangest game show ever to be devised in Hove. Plus pianos, many catchphrases, and a brand new closing theme tune with structural problems.

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