The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio Podcast LIVE (22nd Feb 2018)

DredgeLanders unite! Your fabulous duo of Hovian heroes are back!

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The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio Podcast LIVE (8th Feb 2018)


Fear no more! DredgeLand here to present to you Podcast fans our Wandsworth Radio show from the 8th of February!

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The DredgeLand Catalogue of DredgeLand Branded Goods 2018


Celebrate the world of DredgeLand LIVE today with these special and unique DredgeLand LIVE branded gifts for all of the family.

Have you ever felt the need to stamp something, but hadn’t had the ability to do so? Well, fear no more! Simply use the Official Dredgeland LIVE Stamp! Designed in principle and applied with logic, the Official DredgeLand LIVE Stamp brightens up walls, small children’s faces and all other surfaces.

Have you ever looked up at the sun and thought “Oh my eyes!” Then fear no more with the Official DredgeLand LIVE Branded Sun Cap. Made in technicolour and whittled from the original packaging, this handy one size fits none headgear is all the rage in Hove and surrounding areas (such as Bridlington UK).

Are you a loyal follower of DredgeLand? Well, fear no more! Because just for you we have the Official DredgeLand LIVE Loyalty Card. Not accepted abroad or in stores worldwide, the DredgeLand LIVE Loyalty Card is the toast of the town! Available in packets of 1604. Share with your closest friends today! (Hand not included).

Does all of your post go missing? Ours does on a regular basis. Who’s got it?

In the meantime, fear no more! Why not safely secure your post with the Official DredgeLand LIVE envelope fastener. This not only secures your envelopes, but in fact acts a supplementarity sticker to place on the outside of any stationary in the local area. Buy today and receive a free DredgeLand LIVE envelope (No image available).

The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio Podcast LIVE (2nd Feb 18)

Dearest Dredgelanders!

Each week on wonderful Wandsworth radio we bring an hour of music and DredgeLand branded madness to the airwaves.

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Facts about DredgeLand

Dredgelanders! Behold.. we’ve had another letter in.

This week it’s from Thomas Colin Smythe Plinth Smythe BAHons of North Penge.

Mr Smythe Plinth Smythe BAHons writes.. ‘Dear DredgeLand, the only fact i know of DredgeLand prior to writing this letter is that John Dredge is banned from Belgium. Please shed the light on some more DredgeLand facts.

Your’s with a certain issue, Thomas Colin Smythe Plinth Smythe BAHons of North Penge.

Well, Mr Smythe Plinth Smythe BAHons. Here’s a few DredgeLand facts for your personal collection..

  1. If you type DredgeLand into Ask Jeeves (our preferred search engine) three times it returns a Greek cookery website, specialising in the preparation of vegetables for salad
  2. John Dredge does not believe in the US State Hawaii after a very nasty punch-up in Pizza Hut in the 80’s
  3. If John and Andy ever appeared together on Dutch television, it is claimed in an ancient text that over 200,000 people will leave the Isle of Wight in protest
  4. There isn’t an egg on the planet john hasn’t tasted twice
  5. Andy Harland once appeared on a rap album under the pseudonym The Semi-Magnificent Spaniard Malcom
  6. If you look closely enough, DredgeLand appear on the 49th metre of the Bayeux Tapestry (Top Left)
  7. In many ways John is afraid of the Bowler Hat and Bowler Hat wearers, especially the Homepride flour bloke.
  8. Andy cannot spell the word Discombobulat
  9. John Dredge is due to open the all new Penge Co-Op once construction is complete in 2076 (10:45am sharp)
  10. And finally – If you see DredgeLand perform, do remember to bring cash and or a chequebook – all autographs are chargeable.


But what is DredgeLand?

Hi Team,

Great question. We here at Dredgeland like to shout this from the highest car park whilst gazing longingly over Hove. John Dredge and Andy Harland might be our usual names, yet when combined we harness the power of eight small llama and take on the dark arts.

As for DredgeLand? Maybe in some way we’re all DredgeLand. Except Steven Birch who at the age of 8 scratched Andy in the armpit. He is definitely not DredgeLand.

Are you #DredgeLand – Get in touch on twitter with #IAmDredgeLand

The DredgeLand WorkPlace Special

Humans of Hove and Beyond!

We’ve had a letter in from Mr Clacton of Southampton who’s asked DredgeLand a very important question: What do you do?

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