The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio 44th Annual General Awards Special LIVE (28th March 2019)


All of these pale in significance to this podcast. Today, wherever you are stop, listen and say these words: ‘Today I am listening to the 44th Annual General DredgeLand Awards and / or Situation.

Be proud of that. Really proud. Well done.

Now….enjoy several minutes of award based podcast material in the audio podcast format as John F Dredge and Andy F Harland present up to four awards to some very special and in some cases, deserving people.

Gawp at the celebrity mentions, hark at the breath of our reach and yelp to our every request. It’s another #DredgeLandLIVE

All of this, live, local and on demand.

*All rights to this show belong to Wandsworth Radio 2019. Music played is PRS and all rights belong to the rightful artist.