The DredgeLand Wandsworth Radio Cartoon and or Quincy Spectacular LIVE! (13th September 2018)

DredgeLanders rejoice!

Your dynamic duo return to their rightful place in the world of podcast!

After having last week off as John couldn’t be bothered and the week before because Andy went mad on the air (it couldn’t be broadcast), your heroes return to the airwaves!

Listen in as we discuss Cartoons, Quincy, Columbo, Numbers, Angles and Piping in that or a similar order!

You’ll also find included in this podcast at no charge to the listener, Episode Three of the now popular Adventures of Cram and Coe plus a special interview with a Droid..

*All rights to this show belong to Wandsworth Radio 2018. Music played is PRS and all rights belong to the rightful artist.